10 Tips on how to gain popularity on Soundcloud


Because CD Baby allows you to make all the music you distribute through people on SoundCloud with all the push of a switch, I thought it’d be considered a good idea to record a few of the techniques you can use SoundCloud to advertise and share your music throughout the website.

1. Share your music publicly

SoundCloud was designed to be the easiest way to store your songs in one spot and “push them out” to social networks, blogs, etc. You can easily share individual songs or “sets” (a playlist of tunes that all can be found in one waveform participant) to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more– or upload the SoundCloud player physically! Simply click the “share” button on the participant to begin with discussing your music together with the world. You can also buy soundcloud plays to boost your tracks popularity for the first and let it go viral.

When it comes to fan diamond, you’ll find dozens of prospects for sharing paths and pieces on SoundCloud: require feedback on alternative mixes, encourage your fans to produce their particular “perfect setlists,” post an untitled track and have for fans to review using their recommendations for the song name, etc.

2. Make it simple for bloggers to get into your songs

SoundCloud makes it easier for you to do your personal digital publicity. Send your songs to editors and people; you control whether they may obtain the tracks or just supply them.

3. Share your works-inprogress independently

Got some new material that you’d prefer to give select fans? Have you been collaborating with an artist around the world? The identical personal sharing function that can help you manage your electronic publicity lets you offer unique information and to get feedback from name your own producer, friends, or bandmates and never have to “release” the track for the world.

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One More Time

There is sadness in Detroit as Tiger fans are worried about their teams chances of winning the 2012 World Series. Tiger fans don’t give up yet and I’ll tell you why. The Detroit Tigers have had an outstanding year. Even though they have made it to the World Series they never dominated the league. They often had small losing streaks that were almost enough to make one think, well maybe next year, except that they came back with winning streaks. It’s puzzling, however it worked out in the long run. The Tiger bats have once again turned soft and once again the fans are discouraged by the two game losing streak. If the Tigers can start a winning streak one more time, just like they have done all year long, we will end up with the World Championship. Let’s do it Tigers just one more time!

-Harry Katopodis, founder of Virtual Counselor

Looking back so that I can look forward

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First, may I say that it is good to be back! Okay, I will be honest, I really didn’t go anywhere, the blog has always been here. However, I did take a step back to see things from another perspective. Yes, that is exactly what I did! It wasn’t planned. Life became busier as downsizing at work added more to my plate and other aspects of my life demanded more of my attention. All of that is neither here nor there and I am sure you could care what I have been through. YOU want opinions and news about your Detroit Tigers. There is nothing wrong with that!

Someone once said that we are given two ears and one mouth in order that we might listen more often than we speak. There is truth to that. As I followed the Detroit Tigers throughout the 2012 season, I listened more. I read more blogs and news articles, and I had my ear to the ground, listening to the expressed opinions of those people around me. I wrote less – gave less of my own opinion. It allowed me to not only enjoy the game a little more, because I had no pressure to write a rushed thought to a blog, but I had time to think about what I wanted to say, how I wanted to say it. It also gave me time to think about which direction I wanted to take the DeeTown Tigers blog.

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I’m not giving up on the Tigers

If the Tigers were dominating the league from the start pundits would be saying that the team will run out of steam. The 2012 Tigers have been winning and losing in streaks giving the fans a roller coaster ride up and down. Just when we think the Tigers will go on a long losing streak they start a winning streak. They keep us wondering about the rest of the season. As we wind down the season the Tigers are still playing the same way and they are just two games out of first with thirteen games to go.


There is time for the Tigers to win the division championship, if they go on a winning streak at the right time, we win. They have a very good team that is capable of winning and they don’t give up. They are playing well overall and it is very possible that they will win. I am buying playoff tickets just in case and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will go all the way to win the World Series. –Harry Katopodis

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