I’m not giving up on the Tigers

If the Tigers were dominating the league from the start pundits would be saying that the team will run out of steam. The 2012 Tigers have been winning and losing in streaks giving the fans a roller coaster ride up and down. Just when we think the Tigers will go on a long losing streak they start a winning streak. They keep us wondering about the rest of the season. As we wind down the season the Tigers are still playing the same way and they are just two games out of first with thirteen games to go.


There is time for the Tigers to win the division championship, if they go on a winning streak at the right time, we win. They have a very good team that is capable of winning and they don’t give up. They are playing well overall and it is very possible that they will win. I am buying playoff tickets just in case and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will go all the way to win the World Series. –Harry Katopodis


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